Agreement of Verb with Subject Exercise for Class 4

As students progress through their education, they need to develop strong language skills, including grammar. One essential element of grammar is the agreement of the verb with the subject. For class 4 students, it is crucial to have a good understanding of this concept, and regular exercises can help them master it.

The agreement of the verb with the subject refers to the proper use of verbs in sentences, where the verb must agree in number and person with the subject. In simpler terms, the verb should reflect the number of subjects in the sentence and match their person. For example, if the subject is singular, the verb should be singular, and if the subject is plural, the verb should be plural.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this:

– Singular subject: The dog barks.

– Plural subject: The dogs bark.

– Singular subject: She walks to school.

– Plural subject: They walk to school.

Now that we understand the concept let`s move onto some exercises for class 4 students.

Exercise 1:

Identify the subject in the following sentences and choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.

1. The cat (meow/meows) loudly.

2. The boys (play/plays) cricket in the park.

3. The flowers in the garden (bloom/blooms) every spring.

4. My mother (cook/cooks) delicious food for us.

5. She and her friend (study/studies) together for their exams.

Exercise 2:

Rewrite the following sentences by filling in the correct verb form according to the subject.

1. The boy (run) fast. (plural)

2. The birds (fly) in the sky. (singular)

3. The students (listen) to the teacher. (plural)

4. The cat (sleep) on the sofa. (singular)

5. The dogs (bark) at strangers. (plural)

Exercise 3:

Choose the correct form of the verb from the given options and complete the sentences.

1. The baby (cry/cries) loudly at night.

2. The trees (sway/sways) in the wind.

3. My friends (enjoy/enjoys) playing football.

4. The books on the shelf (fall/falls) when we shake the table.

5. The boy (catch/catches) the ball easily.

In conclusion, mastering the agreement of the verb with the subject is essential for students at a young age. Consistent practice through exercises will help them get a good hold of the concept and improve their language skills. With time and practice, they will become confident writers and speakers.